Step Back in Time

Experience what it was like to work at the Cambridge Glass Company many years ago.

You can watch a short vintage movie showing actual Cambridge Glass workers demonstrating the handmade glassmaking process in the 1950s. Learn about the pride and dedication of the artisans who produced the elegant handmade glassware still treasured today. Stroll through colorful, sparkling displays led by friendly guides You won’t want to miss the formal dining room set with elegant table settings or the replica of the Cambridge Glass Company Sample Room that features Cambridge Glass pieces for sale as part of the museum gift shop.

Tour the glass display area featuring over 10,000 pieces of Cambridge Glass

Dress as the Glass Workers did many years ago! This is a great photo opportunity.

Do a pencil rubbing from an original Cambridge Glass Company Etching Plate.

See molds once used at The Cambridge Glass Company.

Feel the quality of the crystal!

Learn what it was like in Cambridge, Ohio during the Roaring 20s! The 1920s were the most prolific years for The Cambridge Glass Company.

“Supported by a grant from the Cambridge/Guernsey County Visitors & Convention Bureau”